Conventional biomass use Green Power + biomass use

With GreenPower+® hemicelluloses are extracted from biomass used to make renewable electricity, pellets or some forms of pulp.

The hemicelluloses are then hydrolyzed to sugars. The rest of the biomass is sent to its original use, i.e. to make electricity, pellets or pulp. The co-location and mass and heat integration between the electricity production and the cellulosic sugar production make GreenPower+® a competitive sugar platform even at small production scale.

GreenPower+ in sugarcane mills

The application of GreenPower+ to sugarcane mill increases the ethanol output by converting the hemicelluloses portion of the bagasse to cellulosic ethanol – while still allowing the rest of the bagasse to produce the steam and power for the needs of the site.

Green Power + Process

GreenPower+® demonstration

GreenPower+®is currently being demonstrated at the Alpena Biorefinery in Alpena, Michigan.

Key success factors of Green Power+® include cost effective treatment of the extract, being able to return consistent biomass composition to the boiler with uninterrupted operation, and an effective energy integration of ethanol production with biopower.

GreenPower+® can be applied to any industry employing biomass boilers for power or both steam and power production.

The Alpena Biorefinery project received $18 million from the Department of Energy and $4 million from the State of Michigan. It has been named a Center of Energy Excellence and a Renewable Energy Renaissance Zone by the state of Michigan.