March 14, 2017
According to Bio-based News, Theodora Retsina, CEO at API is among the 8 women who have distinguished themselves in the bioeconomy in 2016
March 14, 2017
With their huge competences and their infinite passion, they are the stars of the world bioeconomy.
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March 2, 2017
American Process Inc. and Birla Carbon Announce Joint Development Agreement for Combining Nanocellulose and Carbon Black in Tires
March 2, 2017, Atlanta, GA
American Process Inc. (API) (Atlanta, GA) and Aditya Birla Group’s, Birla Carbon (Marietta, GA) recently signed a Joint Development Agreement to further explore the technical and business potential of combining carbon black and nanocellulose to improve the performance and sustainability profile of tires. Initial evaluations suggest synergies between the companies’ Birla Carbon® and BioPlus® nanocellulose products to significantly lower the rolling resistance of tires. Research indicates that up to 20% of a vehicle’s fuel efficiency is impacted by the rolling resistance of tires. Increased commercialization of low rolling resistance tread material is a key technology development focus area identified in Birla Carbon’s 2016 Sustainability Report.
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January 10, 2017
MYBiomass Sdn. Bhd. (MYBiomass) and American Process Inc. (API) Announce Joint-Development Agreement for the Production of Nanocellulose for Downstream Applications
CYBERJAYA, Selangor, Malaysia, 10 Jan 2017
MYBiomass and API announced a Joint-Development Work (JDA) for production of nanocellulose and cellulosic sugars from oil palm empty fruit-bunches (EFBs) into material as enhancing additives in textile, paper, and automotive parts amongst others. The JDA is funded by MYBiomass and harnesses MYBiomass’ strength in oil palm biomass supply, technology adaptation, market development, and combines this with API’s technical and material development expertise. MYBiomass’s goal is to be a pioneer in setting up commercial biorefineries with potential participation from technology providers, off-takers and investors. This is in-line with the Malaysian Biomass Initiative (MBI) as it addresses the potential of moving up the value-chain, promotes sustainable feedstock supply, and shifts focus to higher-value downstream production.
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December 29, 2016
AVAPCO, LLC an affiliate of American Process Inc. was selected to receive federal funding from Energy Department (DOE) to develop a demonstration-scale integrated biorefinery.
The AVAPCO, LLC ($3.7 million) project will develop a demonstration-scale integrated biorefinery that combines AVAPCO’s biomass-to-ethanol process with project partner Byogy’s alcohol-to-jet process to create an integrated process that produces jet fuel from woody biomass. In addition to the jet fuel primary product, the demonstration facility will also produce cellulosic renewable diesel and other bioproducts with another project partner, Genomatica.  Read full press release ...
December 5, 2016
American Process, Inc. Announces Hydrophobic Nanocellulose Patent Granted by USPTO
ATLANTA, Georgia, U.S., December 5, 2016
American Process, Inc. announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted U.S. Patent No. 9,499,637 on November 22, 2016 for “NANOCELLULOSE COMPOSITIONS AND PROCESSES TO PRODUCE SAME.” This composition patent, U.S. Patent No. 9,499,637, covers hydrophobic, lignin-coated nanocellulose, including both cellulose nanocrystals and cellulose nanofibrils. The composition claims are not limited to any particular process to make or use the nanocellulose. There are also claims directed to combination with polymers, carbon fibers, graphene, and other materials. A continuation application, U.S. Patent App. No. 15/353,306, was also filed in November 2016.
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September 01, 2016
API Europe Receives Funding from EU Horizon 2020 for the conversion of woody biomass to lignocellulosic sugars and nanocellulose
Belgium, Europe, September 2016
API Europe (Athens, Greece), an affiliate of American Process Inc. (Atlanta, GA), is one of 14 partners under the BIOFOREVER PROJECT, “BIO-based products from FORestry via Economically Viable European Routes”, to receive funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. A number of pre-treatment and subsequent conversion technologies will be demonstrated by various partners, including delivering commercialization routes for the most promising value-added products.
Theodora Retsina CEO of API Europe, commented “We are delighted to be part of BIOFOREVER consortium and to collaborate with the other members on this exciting European project. Woody biomass is an important European feedstock to fuel the bioeconomy and we look forward to evaluating the many different types of biomass included in the BIOFOREVER project. Biorefineries, as envisioned in BIOFOREVER, that produce commodity fuels and chemicals as well as high-value co-products like nanocellulose will have the most financial viability and impact.”

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