Biorefinery Solutions

Biorefinery Solutions

Our staff has extensive knowledge of biorefinery technologies ranging from IP and process solutions to practical equipment configuration technologies for fuels, chemicals and nanocellulose. We can provide our own technology solutions or work with your technology or with public domain technologies to make your biorefinery viable and profitable, with high uptime and high yields.

Our experience includes having successfully designed, built and operated two prototype biorefineries in the USA as well as providing solutions for commercial biorefineries that could not perform with their chosen technology. We have also performed FEL services for five large international biorefinery projects and have provided numerous other consulting services.

Our experience from dozens of cases revealed that the following important ingredients are often overlooked in the design of a successful biorefinery:

  • Divert erosion problems where they can be handled with the least expense and downtime
  • Choose pretreatment that delignifies biomass without creating inhibitors and plugging – depends on the biomass and the product mix*
  • Choose the right equipment to configure the process
  • Work with the enzyme, yeast and bacteria providers to choose the right organisms
  • Use relevantly experienced engineering design firm
  • Conduct Scale Continuous Integrated Demo - SCID
  • Use open innovation – no need to reinvent the wheel!
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* Today there are many public domain and proprietary treatments that can delignify biomass with low or no inhibitor formation.

American Process can help you find the one that is right for you and guide you through bench scale and SCID evaluation

We will be happy to talk about your project and answer any questions and provide references upon request.