Energy Targetter®

(Trademark Reg. No. 4,349,463)

Energy Targetter® is designed to track energy performance on a daily basis.

Advantages of Energy Targetter®:

  • Patented method for setting departmental and unit operation energy consumption targets.
    • Uses neural network modeling to examine relationships between operating parameters and energy consumption.
    • Knowing your facility’s past performance yields a path to improvement.
  • American Process expertise in examining the most important operating parameters.
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are compared to targets to identify departments and unit operations that are not performing
    • Key Energy Parameters (KEPs) help identify operator-controlled settings affecting unit performance.
  • Robust platform for comparing trends and relationships throughout your facility.
    • Trend plotting for predefined KPIs as well as custom trends and diagnostics.
    • Custom alarm settings for alerting when performance is off-target.
    • Individual client configurations for each user to have his or her own custom alerts and charts.
  • Multiple tools for data sharing
    • Daily reports can be exported in Excel format or HTML for sharing on a facility’s internal network.
    • Energy Targetter® server automatically updates installed clients daily.

Uses for Energy Targetter®:

  • Identify the source of energy consumption problems.
  • Track the performance of projects and process changes.
  • Rapidly identify energy consumption creep.
  • Improve your energy efficiency.