Process Integration Study by American Process Inc. saves over $600,000 from annual energy costs in Northern Pulp Pictou mill

American Process Inc. conducted a Process Integration study for Northern Pulp Pictou mill. The study involved the development and validation of a mill wide simulation model, an operational Pinch and thermal Pinch analysis, with the objective to identify the short and long term opportunities for energy savings at the mill.

A mill-wide model was built using apiMAX™ and was reconciled against data for average and steady state operating conditions of the mill. This model served as the baseline for the Process Integration study, but it can also be used by the mill for other purposes, such as training tool for operators and engineers, assessment of the mill wide effect of operational changes and projects, changes in production, etc.

The operational Pinch (O-Pinch™) and the thermal Pinch analysis resulted in the development of several practical low cost and capital heat recovery projects with significant steam savings for the mill. The study also included a cost benefit analysis for each of the proposed projects.

Pictou mill is already in the process of implementing some of the projects proposed by the process integration study. Savings in the order of $100,000 per year are already being achieved, from low cost projects. Two of the capital projects are currently in the engineering/implementation stage, and are expected to save ~$550,000 per year. Much higher monetary savings can be achieved, if more recommendations from the Pinch study are implemented.

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