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apiMAX™ is a proprietary simulation program capable of modeling biomass-based process industries

These industries include cellulosic biofuels & biochemicals, pulp & paper, and pellet manufacturing.

Advantages of apiMAX™ include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy construction of process flow sheets by dragging and dropping equipment onto the flow sheet from standard equipment libraries
  • Simple process stream creation using the mouse or simply “bumping” two pieces of equipment together
  • Large library of pulp and paper, biorefining and energy equipment
  • Open environment allowing easy creation of additional equipment by user
  • Rapid creation of energy and material balance for simple or detailed process engineering projects

American Process offers a variety of support services for apiMAX™ including:

  • General technical support
  • On-site training
  • Model design
  • Data reconciliation
  • Model update
  • Model conversion to apiMAX™ from other simulation software
  • "What if" Scenario Simulation

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Institutions that are using or evaluating apiMAX:

Carolina State University, Department of Wood and Paper Science ; Georgia Tech, Institute of Paper Science and Technology ; National Technical University of Athens ; Ecole Polytechnique - Montreal ; Louisiana State University ; Michigan State University ; University of Maine ; University of Wisconsin-Madison ; Japan Pulp and Paper Research Institute ; ITESM - Tec de Monterrey, Mexico ; Instituto Tecnologico de Durango, Mexico ; Energy Information Administration ; Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark ; Gh. Asachi University of Iasi, Romania ;

Companies that are using or evaluating apiMAX: Weyerhaeuser ; Kruger ; Domtar ; Rayonier ; Boise Inc ; AbitibiBowater ; NewPage Corporation ; Balchem Corporation ; Blue Ridge Paper Products ; Brunswick Cellulose ; Longview Fibre Company ; Catchlight Energy ; CMPC Celulose Riograndense ; Combustion And Energy Systems Ltd ; Devemada Engenharia Ltda ; Finch Paper ; Georgia-Pacific Toledo LLC ; Graphic Packaging Inc. ; Houghton Cascade Holdings LLC ; Howe Sound Pulp and Paper ; Jacobs Engineering ; Kadant Johnson Systems ; MeadWestvaco ; Natural Resources Canada - CanmetEnergy ; Northern Pulp ; Slave Lake Pulp ; ST Marys Paper Corp ; Verso Paper ; Zellstoff Celgar Ltd ;

Contact us at support@americanprocess.com for more information.